How Government is Taking Over the World by Delia Major

In 2006 Congress passed legislation under the Warning Alert and Response Network Act allowing the Federal government access to private cell phones to issue emergency warnings and alerts of major national interest. The effects of The Personalized Localized Alerting Network (PLAN) are expected to take place in New York and Washington DC by the end of this year and throughout the nation in the next few years. The emergency alert system will be used only for critical national messages from the president, information in life-threatening situations and Amber Alerts meant to widen the search for missing or abducted youngsters. All mobile service carriers will be participating in the program and no customer will be able to opt out of Presidential alerts. Even users who turn off the GPS locators on their phones will receive the alerts. Furthermore, PLAN technology will allow the messages to take precedence over regular phone calls or text messages, so in an emergency in which the system’s capacity is overloaded, the alerts will still get through. Messages will show up on the phone’s front screen, instead of the standard text message inbox, and arrive with a distinct ringtone and or vibration. I do not like the notion that the government can dictate how I am to receive information and override my personal settings on my property.

 Proponents of PLAN argue that this new policy is a method for providing a crucial government service for its constituents. I fear this legislation will further impose big government into people’s lives. The ever expanding powers of the government are, in a word, worrisome. It starts with one thing that appears minute and evolves into a myriad of policies which violate every comfort endowed to us as American citizens. From the TSA body scanners to now this PLAN system, at what point do these powers become abusive to the citizenry? Does this legislation improve the effectiveness of our government or are we soon to live within the words of George Orwell’s 1984 where “Big Brother” facilitates every function of our daily lives?

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7 Responses to How Government is Taking Over the World by Delia Major

  1. Love your piece on government take over!!!

  2. violeta says:

    I agree with the privacy piece….BUT…I really dont mind the scanners at the airports, and would definitely not mind to have the whole nation alerted if one of my little one is missing. So that I said I’m in full support of the new “invasion” of space …and of you to keep on posting pieces like this. 😉

    • Delia says:

      Hi Violeta! Thank you for your feedback!!! I can see your point but I once heard someone say the simplest thing regarding the TSA scanners…”for those of who who support that EXTREME intrusion of personal space and privacy for fear of terrorist attacks on airplanes…stop flying and your problem will be solved…” I mean really, this has become ridiculous. You already have to practically get naked and you can’t even travel with enough soap to wash your behind….now one must submit to x-ray imaging so revealing I feel like I’m starring in soft porn! JEEZ!!! This is EXACTLY what the terrorist plots are all about…destroying the quality of the American way of life. SO now the question is how to we get that quality back? By being afraid of EVERYTHING and EVERYONE??? Nooooo I think not! I mean really, terrorist are creative, highly organized, intelligent fellows…they are not the foot soldiers carrying out the task…they are think tanks and believe you me…TSA scanners are not going to stop their attacks on this country if anything it is going to force them to redesign and IMPROVE their tactics…and that scares me more…

  3. Kris massie says:

    I understand why they r doing it but i think government will abuse the situation as they normally do

  4. Vijay says:

    Very well written delia 🙂

  5. violeta says:

    Soft porn … never thought of it this way but its close. however, the world has change and so should the way Americans enjoy their life – safe by taking the few extra steps through the airport. I’ll make sure to smile for the camera next time …